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About COBA

COBA (Central Ontario Badminton Association) is a not for profit association consisting of regional badminton clubs (competitive, recreational and training). It has its own board of directors whose mandate it is to maintain as well as enhance the sport of badminton as a collective group. COBA is also affiliated with the "OBA" (Ontario Badminton Association) and acts a liaison to that association. The OBA is also our provincial affiliate to Badminton Canada.

COBA club benefits:

- Badminton Ontario certification (including tournaments)

- Access to Badminton Ontario insurance.

- Access to training (especially on the Jr. level.)

- Training opportunities.

- Being a part of the badminton "loop" on a regional, provincial, national and international level.

- Being part of a collective badminton voice (regional, provincial and national.). 


Contact: Russ at yourgoals @ gmail .com (please omit spaces) for more information on how your club can be a COBA member.



COBA Executive 2014-15


Russ Le Blanc

Past President

Ted Feather


Deb Aitken


Catherine Stover

High Performance

Jolyon Thompson

Membership Service

Karen Lue

Members at Large

Justin Lue

Christine Wilson